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- dual laser technology using the dual-laser scanning technology, 32 scan lines can also produce up to 2400 times per second, the high-speed and accurate scanning. - Z-SCAN hardware decoding technology ZEBEX developed its own Z-SCAN chip, high-performance hardware decoding technology, the timely synchronization and accurate reading of all kinds of barcode - extra-wide scan area Z-6070 dual laser scanning technology to scan the scope widened to 45 degrees, and at the same time to redouble their upper and lower scanning area - single line scan the mesh scan lines to switch to single-wire mode, can be more accurate reading of selected Barcode - Barcode suture function to a reasonable inference logic to interpret the partially damaged or puncturing of the bar code, greatly enhance the scan success rate, and to ensure accuracy - instant automatic wake-up function is in standby mode, the system uses the auto sleep mode to reduce electricity consumption, extend the service life. When an object is close, will automatically enter scanned - the sturdy scanning window window using CR39, drop resistance, scratch-resistant and durable - simple configuration, easy to upgrade barcode scanning can be used based on the Windows operating system software upgrade tool quickly easier to update software, internal multiple high-speed memory scrubbing, upgrade
Performance parameters  
Light source 650 nm visible laser diode
Scanning distance 0 - 216 mm
Scan window 45mm x 2 @ Contact, 218 @ 216 mm of depth
Scan Mode 32 wire mesh scan
Scanning frequency 2400 times / sec.
Scan perspective 8 scan direction
Minimum resolution 5mil / Print Contrast 90% or more
Print contrast 30% @ UPC/EAN 100%
Indicator (LED) Two-color LED (green and red)
Sound adjustment Adjustable frequency and tone
Communication Interface Keyboard, RS-232C, USB 1.1, Wand
Physical parameters  
High degree of 181.5 mm
Thickness 89.5 mm
Width 85.0 mm
Weight 245 g (stand excluded)
Data line Standard 2m straight
Inclination 8 degree forward; 6 degree backward
Power Parameters  
Input voltage 5VDC +- 10%
Power 1.35 Watts
Current 1000 mA @ 5V
Laser security CDRH Class IIa: IEC 60825-1: Class I
EMC CE & FCC DOC compliance
Environmental parameters  
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60
Humidity 5% ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Ambient brightness 4000 LUX (fluorescence)
Seismic capacity from 1 meter height can still work
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